Do You Have Good Karma? Meet The 2018 Karma Revero
Do You Have Good Karma? Meet The 2018 Karma Revero

Do You Have Good Karma? Meet The 2018 Karma Revero

March 31, 2023

There are already more than 10 luxury car makers that offer gasoline-electric hybrid vehicles; six offer versions that can be plugged in to help charge their batteries, such as the 2018 Karma Revero. Aside from the stunning design, ultra-luxe fit & finish, and unparalleled ownership experience, what makes the Revero different? For one thing, it’s one of only two series-hybrid vehicles available that are effectively electric vehicles that also have range-extending internal combustion engines. By contrast, all other hybrid vehicles in the Canadian. market, regardless of whether they can be plugged in to charge, are parallel hybrids.

Under some circumstances, certain parallel hybrids can run in pure EV mode, but parallel hybrids typically blend their electric motor’s and gasoline engine’s power for a combined output. That’s where the Karma is different! Though the 2018 Revero is both gasoline and electric, it uses its gasoline solely to generate electricity, supplying juice to a battery pack and/or to power electric motors that in turn move the vehicle. The only other car on the market right now that also does this is the BMW i3 EV with its optional range-extender engine. The Karma Revero, and its predecessor the Fisker Karma, is the first vehicle to feature this type of powertrain!

Under the Revero’s long, low hood lies a GM-sourced 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine, which produces 235 horsepower and 258 lb-ft of torque. The Revero’s battery pack runs down the centerline of the car in what would appear to be the car’s prop-shaft tunnel. The batteries’ capacity is 21.4 kilowatt-hours. At the rear of the car are two AC permanent magnet synchronous traction motors that provide a combined 403 horsepower and a whopping 981 lb-ft of torque for propulsion.

Not only do we have this stunning 2018 model in-stock, but we also have a pair of 2021 models in our inventory!

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